There Are NO Words

In front of me, is a Peace Lodge bracelet.
A symbol that I hope everyone will get.
There are words from long ago,
With meaning that all should know.
What happened to “ Live and Let Live”
What extra meaning can I add and give?
Who has given the guns the illegal right,
To determine who will not see tonight?
Why should our children live with this fear?
Work together to make these headlines disappear.

Names and emails


As I am working at updating my blog and email notification list, there are many email addresses that I just don’t recall the name to match up with it.  Also, it’s nice to know that you still want to receive a notice when we post a new poem.  Drop me a note if you have a notice.  Add your name.

Mr. Caffeine, The Thief

Someone should arrest Mr. Caffeine.
That wicked fiend is ever so mean.
He stole hours of sleep from me last night.
Making it so difficult to face first light.
I can’t be at fault for enjoying my coffee.
It can’t be my fault, I’m sure you’ll agree.
That caffeine guy takes your sleep at any cost.
Before you know it, a good night’s sleep is lost.
Arrest the robber, he’s guilty, lock him up.
Just don’t you dare  take away my coffee cup.

Safety On Our Roads

With all the police officers that have lost their lives and the numbers increasing, I want to offer a reminder to all who drive on highways to be more aware of your driving habits.  No verse is going to change everyone but perhaps one word or line will make you stop and think when you are next on the interstate or local roads.

We salute those who make our highways safe for everyone.
Watching, helping and patrolling until each day is done.
It is past time for all of us to do our part.
No more texting while driving, be smart.
Slow down, move over when you see flashing lights.
Use more care when driving on the dark rainy nights.
We can all be more courteous when on our highways
Watch out for workers on those construction days.
When in doubt about your ability, don’t drive.
Please work with us to keep all officers alive.

Healing Prayers

How many prayers do we have to say,
To heal and work through another day.
There are healing hands to help us along the way.
Words, thoughts, feelings, all there, when we pray.
We ask that higher power for extra strength to heal.
We ask that power to lessen the anxiety we may feel.
And all those positive thoughts to make you well.
And tomorrow, you will have a get well story to tell.

The Hour that I lost

All day long, I have been looking at the clock tower.

Wishing that this spring, I didn’t have to lose one hour.

All of a sudden, seven o’clock is now eight.

No matter how much you hurry, you will be late.

I vote for no time change at all.

We have to do it again in the fall.

While as the sun sets, there is more time to play.

There is still only 24 hours in every day.

The Daily Grind

What drummers do we march to in the Daily Grind?
Always doing our best to never lag or fall behind.
The struggle to keep up with all of mankind.
Schedules and “to do” lists always in mind.
At times knowing your mission is still undefined.
Planning, objectives can be improved and refined.
To reach your goal, do you have to be a mastermind?
Perhaps just have all your steps clearly outlined.
Take whatever luck along the road that you find.
Along the journey that we call the Daily Grind.

A Blast of Winter

To slow down your daily travel hustle,
Mother Natures flexes her winter muscle.
Those little white flakes continue to fall.
Causing so many travel plans to stall.
Plow trucks are out doing their thing.
Waiting for what tomorrow may bring.
Who is open and who is closed today?
Skies are almost clear but oh so gray.
Weather forecast shows another storm.
Time to stay in, hot drink, safe and warm.


Diet Verse Again

These words are a conversation with myself.  I have been getting to the fitness room but eating the right foods to lose weight is another chapter for another day.

What, a diet verse to share again?
Nothing else to write with your pen?
Lose weight, don’t lose weight, no big deal.
Although being in shape does have appeal.
That means watching what you eat, no doubt.
It probably means fitness and working out.
Is this for one day or EVERY day?
Are there diet rules I must obey?
Can’t we just accept that I am what I am?
And for right now, I just don’t give a damn!

Train Time

A friend had sent me a picture of a commuter train stop and it inspired this poem.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t include the picture that I received.  So I invite everyone to picture your train station and write your own story.

At the Metro station, waiting for the train.
Commuters arrive, getting out of the rain.
Some in a hurry to get to work downtown
Some with a smile and some with a frown.
One with a newspaper to check what’s new.
Another looking to see when the train is due.
A woman answering a text on her cell.
Friends with more daily gossip to tell.
The train downtown to go see a show.
A class to take for there’s more to know.
Work, study, theatre and dinners to share.
The metro station, first step to get there.