Holiday Gifts

For those that enjoy poetry, for those that need a holiday gift, check out our website,  Any of our books can be ordered.  Remember that proceeds all go to worthy causes.  I had a Really Great Title will benefit Alzheimer’s Research.  The other books will be a donation to Stephen McNulty Fund at Cong. Or Shalom; this fund benefits the teens of our congregation.

Tis the season to be jolly and read poetry.

Not Perfect repost

I am posting a poem that we wrote and posted in March of 2017.  I believe the message still holds today.

Today’s effort is not correct poetry.  But the message is one that I felt compelled to offer in the only words that I had to share with you.  It is my prayer and wish that you never have to think about it for your children and grandchildren.

How do we explain to our young children,

The threats because of the times we live in.

Can you ever explain a threat to a five year old?

How do we tell them of this hate so wicked and bold?

LEAVE THE BUILDING NOW, leave no one behind.

Try explaining hate to kids that you want to be kind.

This is nothing new in our heritage and history.

Have pride in who you are in the world that you see.

Let them be a child for another day.

In a world that’s not perfect in any way.

Holocaust Museum Visit

Last week, I visited the Holocaust Museum in Skokie. For the past few days, I have been writing and editing. None of my words really capture what I feel or see during a visit but it is my effort to share and suggest in today’s times, we should all work for a better world.

Holocaust visit serves as a reminder
For all people in our world to be kinder.
So many museum pictures on display,
Survivors of the Holocaust have their say.
The atrocities of that time continue to amass.
Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass.
Survivors stories you take to heart,
As so many families are torn apart.
In no time, Poland falls and so will France.
As the German armies continue to advance.
Tales of camps of death as the war comes to an end.
The world becomes ours to help recover and mend.
“Never Again” are the words we speak with heart today,
From the path of righteousness, we should never stray.

Veteran’s Day 2018

For the past few years, I have had the honor of reading one of my poems honoring veterans at our temple during a Shabbat Service where we honor our veterans.  This is what I read last night. 

The freedoms that we enjoy when we awake,
The choices that freedom allows us all to make.
The ability to worship as we wish,
All that we may accomplish,
Because of all the Armed Services that serve today,
And for years, all those brave veterans of yesterday.
Never take for granted all the privileges we enjoy.
In today’s troubled world, it’s so easy to destroy.
Honor those who serve and have in the past.
You have enlisted and served in an all-star cast.


Time To Vote

Doing my best to keep personalities out of this,  there are blanks in both platforms that I can support.  I am tired of all the ads that say simply bash the opponent.  Get out and vote.

Elections, one week from today.
Political ads, who do they sway?
So extreme to either side.
Differences a mile wide.
Read and listen, what do you hear?
Better yet, what do you really fear?
Do any running know what WE need?
Is anyone of them able to really lead?
Show me the candidate who knows the score,
That’s the one that I am prepared to vote for.


Facebook Thoughts

Facebook, how much do you dare to share?
Political views, are you prepared to declare?
A personal message that you wish to send,
An event of note that you plan to attend.
Memories and pictures posed years ago,
Connecting often with friends you know.
Wishing one the best on their birthday,
Health concern, to better days, we pray.
Adventure pictures to post, if you dare,
Hacker warning posted, please beware,
Facebook surfing, it’s so easy to amuse,
Use to connect & inform but not to abuse.